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Quantity vs. Quality

So far I have been keeping up with my goal of a blog post every day.  I have found out several things, I enjoy writing for fun, a post every day gives me no time to plan or edit, writing makes me perform better.

I never have had a writing class I really enjoyed.  This is mostly because I was subject to sever writers block leading to high amounts of stress when my paper was due the next day, without having squat done.  The other problem with writing classes is that you don’t necessarily get to write about subjects that interest you.  With this blog, I have had deadlines tight enough that I can’t slack, which I attribute as the main reason for a reduced amount of writer’s block and I am writing about what I feel like writing about.  The result is that I like writing posts and feel like writing more.

Since I am posting in high volume, I have little time to edit posts, or put a lot of thought into them.  With most of these posts, I am writing from my thought stream with out any prior planning or organization.  Admittedly this was expected when I decided to make a post ever day, and the goal was to develop a daily habit, rather then high quality content.  After the 1 Month Challenge is up, I will probably cut back my posts and focus more on Technology topics and making longer more thought out posts.

My favorite side effect is that doing something productive like writing, has the tendency to boost my performance in other areas.  I don’t have ant scientific proof of this, but I have observed that my performance in other areas of my life seems to improve when I make beneficial changes in unrelated areas.

As far as the blog is concerned, expect to see fewer posts after November 28th. I will probably focus on posting more technology related posts, and I may start to promote the blog more.

Till Next Time-

Exploiting my Habit Part 2

So I had laid out a schedule for the blog a couple of days ago.  After further thought, I have decided to make some changes.  I am removing the summary’s of A Whack to The Side of the Head, since people could plagiarize that as homework.  I am adding summaries of two other books I’m currently doing to the schedule to encourage my self to read them in good time.

Sunday: Meditation on a Section of Scripture.
Monday: Asterisk Configuration Series.
Tuesday: Open Topic
Wednesday: Thoughts on Reading from the Screwtape Letters.
Thursday: Thoughts from George Muller Reading.
Friday: Thoughts on Computer Hardware Basics Reading.
Saturday: Thoughts on Cisco Networking Reading.

Exploiting My New Habit

Today is my 5th consecutive day of blogging as part of my 1 month challenge to myself to blog every day.  Last night I was thinking about how promising to blog every day gave me enough incentive to actually do it.  I’m going to try a little experiment too see if I can’t exploit this behavior pattern to get my homework done sooner.  My plan is to post a summery and my thoughts on the home work for each of my classes.  If this goes well, I’ll likely publicize it to my classmates next semester as a virtual study group.  Below is a weekly schedule for blog posts.

Sunday: Meditation on a Section of Scripture.
Monday: Summary for A Whack to The Side of the Head. Since this is pretty much the home work for that class, I am posting it after the fact.
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
Thursday: Asterisk Configuration Series.
Friday: Thoughts on Computer Hardware Basics Reading.
Saturday: Thoughts on Cisco Networking Reading.

I’d also like to get away from the blogging about blogging syndrome I see developing here.