Exploiting My New Habit

Today is my 5th consecutive day of blogging as part of my 1 month challenge to myself to blog every day.  Last night I was thinking about how promising to blog every day gave me enough incentive to actually do it.  I’m going to try a little experiment too see if I can’t exploit this behavior pattern to get my homework done sooner.  My plan is to post a summery and my thoughts on the home work for each of my classes.  If this goes well, I’ll likely publicize it to my classmates next semester as a virtual study group.  Below is a weekly schedule for blog posts.

Sunday: Meditation on a Section of Scripture.
Monday: Summary for A Whack to The Side of the Head. Since this is pretty much the home work for that class, I am posting it after the fact.
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
Thursday: Asterisk Configuration Series.
Friday: Thoughts on Computer Hardware Basics Reading.
Saturday: Thoughts on Cisco Networking Reading.

I’d also like to get away from the blogging about blogging syndrome I see developing here.

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