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With less then 2 days of work, I have my site up and running.  This is why I love WordPress, easy to use and quick to launch.  Sure there are plenty of tweaks which I might want to make, but I have the site to a point which I am happy with it running at.  Now I just need to get work samples up.

Hello World!

I finally I am getting around to setting up my site.  The history of this site is something like this.

Find a great deal on web hosting.  Get it!

Other stuff………. More other stuff…… Some more other stuff……

Okay, I’ll set up the site.

Bam! Install WordPress, install theme, write this post.  Less then 1 hour by my estimate.

Of course there are some more tweaks and minor adjustments to make, but nothing major.  Well 2 more pages of content and a contact form, but this is WordPress.  It will be a brease.

I have been working with WordPress for several months now.  From a users perspective, it is simple and easy to use.  From a developers perspective, it is simple and easy to use.  I love WordPress!