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Cisco Networking: Chapter 10

Sorry I missed yesterday.  I had a post on my Cisco class scheduled, so I’m going to make that post today.

Cisco’s Network Fundamentals Chapter 10 is about planning a network.  The chapter covers choosing routers and switches, choosing cabling types, allocating sub nets, and connecting to routers with console cables.

For routers and switches, the chapter discusses the differences in performance and the pros and cons of using a centralized network location.  In reality, many of the networks I work with are too small to justify the use of multiple telecommunication rooms.  However when dealing with large buildings or multiple buildings, having multiple telecommunication rooms quickly becomes a necessity.

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Asterisk Series

Okay, I have put absolutely zero work into planning this, but I’m going to start a series of blog posts on configuring Asterisk.  I have an Asterisk box running with phone service from Vitelity.  My plan is to setup a system which allows you to make calls from your computer, cell phone, or other SIP client and send SMS from a XMPP client.  I picked Vitelity because they support SIP trunking and SMS via Jabber.  It would be cooler if I could send SMS over SIP, but Vitelity doesn’t support that feature.

I also will be getting a SPA112 from work.  If I can get my hands on a cheap analog phone too, I’ll add that as an extension on my PBX.

I’ll try and post a new article in this series every Thursday.

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MIME Multipart Order of Preference

As part of a project for a client, I needed to do a MIME multipart email which would include both a plain text and HTML version.  The HTML version was supposed to be the default version.  However, I discovered that the MIME specifaction is somwhat counter intuitive.  You must put your prefered version as low as possible and list other versions in ascending order of prefernce.   So in my case text/html went below text/plain.  I might try to put on exmaple up to explain things better.

Getting the Current URL in WordPress

For some reason, I could not find this anywhere in my searches.  You can get the permalink for the current post or page using:

get_permalink( $post->ID );

Of course this only works on posts or pages, not on searches and the like.  I have no idea why I had such a hard time finding this.