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Asterisk Series

Okay, I have put absolutely zero work into planning this, but I’m going to start a series of blog posts on configuring Asterisk.  I have an Asterisk box running with phone service from Vitelity.  My plan is to setup a system which allows you to make calls from your computer, cell phone, or other SIP client and send SMS from a XMPP client.  I picked Vitelity because they support SIP trunking and SMS via Jabber.  It would be cooler if I could send SMS over SIP, but Vitelity doesn’t support that feature.

I also will be getting a SPA112 from work.  If I can get my hands on a cheap analog phone too, I’ll add that as an extension on my PBX.

I’ll try and post a new article in this series every Thursday.

-Till Next Time

Word Pictures: A View From Kirkwood

Today I’m going to try something different.  I’m going to describe what I see, as I’m sitting here.

I’m sitting on a metal chair, looking at a hilly Iowa country side in the distance.  It’s late fall so there is a lot of brown, some oranges, and a good bit of green yet.  When I look out toward the horizon I still see the fog from this morning, refusing to leave.  The grey sky casts a grim mood over the view.  As I look closer to me, I see brown apartments.  A variety of cars are parked in front of the apartments.  Roving yet closer with my eyes, I see the main parking lot for the building I’m in.  It’s population of cars has been dwindling through out the day and the lot is now at about a quarter of its capacity.  Between the parking lot and me is a common area, surrounded by tall grasses, paved with rock, divided by sidewalks, and dotted with abstract art and shrubs.  I see all this through rain speckled windows which are divided by metal supports.

Till Next Time-

Movie Night

I promised you a post every day, however the post I was working on for today was only half finished when a friend asked me if I want to go to a movie.  Since I value my friendships more then a blog post or two, I said yes.  To keep my promise I decided to dash of a quick post.  Enjoy.

Tonight was movie night.  A friend and I went to the theater to watch Gravity. My favorite aspect of the movie was that it was a thriller with no violence.  Gravity pulls off a non Sci-Fi space movie really well, and I would highly recommend it.

I’ll try and have something longer and probably more interesting for you tomorrow.

Till next time-

The 1 Month Challange

It’s been a while.  If I recall correctly, I said I was going to try post on a regular basis.  Being a normal person, I promptly ignored my vague goal and went on to live my happy no-blogging life exactly as I had before.  Well, I still have an inner urge to blog on a regular basis, but life has a tendency to get in the way.  The easiest goals to achieve are the ones you have other people holding you two, the second easiest are the ones you really really want to, beyond that you pretty much need to turn it into a habit.

For me, writing on a regular basis is a desire, but not something a really really want to do.  Therefore I’m going to attempt to make writing a daily habit.  To this end, I’m making it my goal to have a new post every day, whether it is about configuring an Asterisk server, or describing the pattern on our couch.  I’d like to try applying the principles I’ve been learning in my critical thinking class, so don’t be surprised if I make a weird post or two.  I will likely write ahead and schedule posts to go out.  I don’t like to end up under a lot of pressure for prolonged amount of time, so that is a good way to prevent some of it building up.

Till tomorrow-