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Church Shopping

Chapter 15 of the Scewtape Letters is about churches, churchgoers, and ways Christians can be subverted from being effective in them.  If you are not familiar with the Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis, the book is a series of fictitious letters written from the perspective of a demon to his nephew with advice on tempting a certain “patient”.  The letters a kind of odd to read since they are written from the opposite perspective on the author and, in my case, the reader.

Lewis has several insights on the importance of Church in the Christian’s daily life, and ways churches are often corrupted.  He also addresses the problem of Church hopping.  In the letter, Screwtape suggests turning the “patient” into a connoisseur of churches so that he hops between churches with out ever committing to one.  Lewis also uses Screwtape to point out that a church should be viewed as more then a club.  If we view a church as something we can easily come and go from, then we are easily separated from meaningful relationships and more easily tempted.