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Word Pictures: A View From Kirkwood

Today I’m going to try something different.  I’m going to describe what I see, as I’m sitting here.

I’m sitting on a metal chair, looking at a hilly Iowa country side in the distance.  It’s late fall so there is a lot of brown, some oranges, and a good bit of green yet.  When I look out toward the horizon I still see the fog from this morning, refusing to leave.  The grey sky casts a grim mood over the view.  As I look closer to me, I see brown apartments.  A variety of cars are parked in front of the apartments.  Roving yet closer with my eyes, I see the main parking lot for the building I’m in.  It’s population of cars has been dwindling through out the day and the lot is now at about a quarter of its capacity.  Between the parking lot and me is a common area, surrounded by tall grasses, paved with rock, divided by sidewalks, and dotted with abstract art and shrubs.  I see all this through rain speckled windows which are divided by metal supports.

Till Next Time-