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Asterisk Series

Okay, I have put absolutely zero work into planning this, but I’m going to start a series of blog posts on configuring Asterisk.  I have an Asterisk box running with phone service from Vitelity.  My plan is to setup a system which allows you to make calls from your computer, cell phone, or other SIP client and send SMS from a XMPP client.  I picked Vitelity because they support SIP trunking and SMS via Jabber.  It would be cooler if I could send SMS over SIP, but Vitelity doesn’t support that feature.

I also will be getting a SPA112 from work.  If I can get my hands on a cheap analog phone too, I’ll add that as an extension on my PBX.

I’ll try and post a new article in this series every Thursday.

-Till Next Time