Movie Night

I promised you a post every day, however the post I was working on for today was only half finished when a friend asked me if I want to go to a movie.  Since I value my friendships more then a blog post or two, I said yes.  To keep my promise I decided to dash of a quick post.  Enjoy.

Tonight was movie night.  A friend and I went to the theater to watch Gravity. My favorite aspect of the movie was that it was a thriller with no violence.  Gravity pulls off a non Sci-Fi space movie really well, and I would highly recommend it.

I’ll try and have something longer and probably more interesting for you tomorrow.

Till next time-

The 1 Month Challange

It’s been a while.  If I recall correctly, I said I was going to try post on a regular basis.  Being a normal person, I promptly ignored my vague goal and went on to live my happy no-blogging life exactly as I had before.  Well, I still have an inner urge to blog on a regular basis, but life has a tendency to get in the way.  The easiest goals to achieve are the ones you have other people holding you two, the second easiest are the ones you really really want to, beyond that you pretty much need to turn it into a habit.

For me, writing on a regular basis is a desire, but not something a really really want to do.  Therefore I’m going to attempt to make writing a daily habit.  To this end, I’m making it my goal to have a new post every day, whether it is about configuring an Asterisk server, or describing the pattern on our couch.  I’d like to try applying the principles I’ve been learning in my critical thinking class, so don’t be surprised if I make a weird post or two.  I will likely write ahead and schedule posts to go out.  I don’t like to end up under a lot of pressure for prolonged amount of time, so that is a good way to prevent some of it building up.

Till tomorrow-


Site Relaunch

When this site was launched a year or more ago, I was planning to pursue freelance web development for my career.  One year later, my life has taken an unexpected turn.  I’ve been blessed with a job at local IT company, and am taking classes at Kirkwood community college for a degree in LAN management.

Since I found some down time to readdress this site, I’ve changed the theme, name, tagline, and am adding a new post. Currently, my plan is for this blog/site to be a creative outlet for projects and thoughts.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings, thoughts, and what ever else I write or post.


MIME Multipart Order of Preference

As part of a project for a client, I needed to do a MIME multipart email which would include both a plain text and HTML version.  The HTML version was supposed to be the default version.  However, I discovered that the MIME specifaction is somwhat counter intuitive.  You must put your prefered version as low as possible and list other versions in ascending order of prefernce.   So in my case text/html went below text/plain.  I might try to put on exmaple up to explain things better.

Getting the Current URL in WordPress

For some reason, I could not find this anywhere in my searches.  You can get the permalink for the current post or page using:

get_permalink( $post->ID );

Of course this only works on posts or pages, not on searches and the like.  I have no idea why I had such a hard time finding this.


With less then 2 days of work, I have my site up and running.  This is why I love WordPress, easy to use and quick to launch.  Sure there are plenty of tweaks which I might want to make, but I have the site to a point which I am happy with it running at.  Now I just need to get work samples up.

Hello World!

I finally I am getting around to setting up my site.  The history of this site is something like this.

Find a great deal on web hosting.  Get it!

Other stuff………. More other stuff…… Some more other stuff……

Okay, I’ll set up the site.

Bam! Install WordPress, install theme, write this post.  Less then 1 hour by my estimate.

Of course there are some more tweaks and minor adjustments to make, but nothing major.  Well 2 more pages of content and a contact form, but this is WordPress.  It will be a brease.

I have been working with WordPress for several months now.  From a users perspective, it is simple and easy to use.  From a developers perspective, it is simple and easy to use.  I love WordPress!